Arthur V. Rodrigues

Community ecology · Macroecology · Biogeography


I’m Arthur Rodrigues, an Ecologist Researcher interested in understanding factors and processes that drive and maintain biodiversity patterns, from local to broad scales. Because of that, I have interests in the fields of community ecology, functional ecology, evolutionary macroecology, and biogeography.

Some of my research interest includes:

  • How evolutionary history and biogeography influence current biodiversity patterns;
  • Ecological strategy of species (functional traits) and its relationship with community assembly;
  • How anthropogenic factors, such as climate change and land-use, affects biodiversity patterns and community structure;
  • Species distribution modeling;
  • Predicting future scenarios for biodiversity.

Beside that, I have great interest in programming using R language. I have used R for several ends, such as data analysis, creating web pages (like this one), web apps using {shiny}, maps and data visualization using {ggplot2}, as well as creating R packages, for example the {naturaList} package.

Currently I am a Postoctoral Researcher at the Reseach Centre for Ecological Change, University of Helsiki.

Contact: rodrigues.arthur.v[at]