Creates a specialist data frame ready for use in classify_occ from a character vector containing the specialists names




a character vector with specialist names


a data frame. Columns split the names, surname and abbreviation for the names. If the full name contain any special character, such as accent marks, two lines for that name will be provided, with and without the special characters. See examples.


# Example using Latin accent marks data(spec_names_ex) spec_names_ex
#> [1] "Caetano Veloso" "Antônio Carlos Tom Jobim" #> [3] "Gilberto Gil" "Vinícius de Morais"
#> LastName Name1 Name2 Name3 Abbrev1 Abbrev2 Abbrev3 #> 1 Gil Gilberto G #> 2 Jobim Antônio Carlos Tom A C T #> 3 Jobim Antonio Carlos Tom A C T #> 4 Morais Vinícius de V #> 5 Morais Vinicius de V #> 6 Veloso Caetano C